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Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Less than 20 minutes up the road from the University of North Carolina campus, help is never too far away. Stubbs Cole’s relationship with the Chapel Hill area goes back more than 45 years. We collaborate with our Orange County clients to protect their businesses (through litigation, torts, and mediation), homes (through real estate contracts), and families (through divorce, prenuptial agreements, child custody and child support).

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Protecting Chapel Hill & Orange County Families

Divorce is never a simple action, emotionally or legally. The process of setting hearings and filling out paperwork with no guarantee of a favorable outcome affects every aspect of your life. Without proper family legal representation, you risk losing your hard-earned income, your home, and even your children. Stubbs Cole examines your case, presenting a strategy suitable not just for you but for your family. We pride ourselves in understanding family comes first in Chapel Hill and Orange County.

You already know the value of your family. Protect it by seeking a free consultation with one of our family law attorneys.

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Stubbs Cole serves clients as a general practice firm, with more than 80 years of experience guiding informed strategies serving the triangle. Partners Rick Prentis, along with “of counsel” real estate specialist Tom Biggs, continue a tradition of high-quality representation based on a full spectrum of experience and expertise.
Our AV- and BV-rated attorneys prepare for any legal circumstance you bring through the door. For whatever turn your life takes, our attorneys have history and experience on your side. See which attorneys may work best with you in resolving your legal matters.

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"Stubbs Cole has been advising our company on legal matters for several years . . . We have been extremely satisfied with their work and with everyone at Stubbs Cole."

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Stubbs Cole and the triangle have grown together

The triangle and surrounding communities derive great support and strength from the existence and mutual cooperation of three great universities: Duke University in Durham, the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University in Raleigh. The booming science and technology industries in this area create opportunities for businesses and families. But those rich opportunities could be taken from you in one swift, legal action.

With so many people serving the triangle area, their needs are obvious. Stubbs Cole allows the hard-working people and businesses of this area the chance to expand and protect their assets. Serving the Chapel Hill area, our Durham office is never too far and is prepared to manage your most sensitive matters.